Top 5 honeymoon destinations States

As a nation, the United States is broad enough to be considered different climatic conditions of the other party of newlyweds chose to celebrate their honeymoon here with lots of choices. Only in the United States that some visitors the tropical sun, adventure activities and experiences glamor in both countries for their honeymoon. While some days in the southern states will expose them to the heat of the sun and water activities in different spells mountainous country in Tennessee is full of walking and nature areas such as New York and Hollywood to explain a feature of glamor.

In the U.S., the following are some of the most popular honeymoon:

Niagara Falls – divided by the neighboring countries of the United States and Canada, the Niagara Falls is one of the most fascinating works of nature and the perfect place to spend an unforgettable honeymoon. And affordable facilities available in their surroundings, living nearby is also a good idea for couples not to mention the fact that the city of New York will not lose too far. Day trip to the city yawn Statue of Liberty, dinner at the best restaurant, theater and enjoy the time and money spent in the store should definitely be part of the programming.

Hawaii – If the eclectic honeymoon destination, then there is no better place than Hawaii. Choose a vacation here is like a dream honeymoon on sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and endless natural wonders to appreciate. Privacy certainly facilitated with world class hotels, but couples looking for a more natural environment for the detection of the coves that dot the coast and make one of them your personal paradise. A trip to Hawaii would be complete without sampling the food variety and delicious not to mention the many activities you can enjoy.

Las Vegas – Although known for gambling, the city is perfect for honeymoon couples who want to have a honey of life and living. Described as ‘Sin City’, a trip to Las Vegas will feature different casinos, much of the wealth, shopping center and local attractions.

California – home to the famous cities around the world such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and more, the state of California, on the west coast of the United States has something for everyone. From the beach to seek a path leads through the mountains, the honeymoon here thought as an event not to mention the fact that there are many spa to rejuvenate and recover well.

Florida – It was in this state that couples can choose the Disneyland package and relive all those childhood fantasies of this park offer exclusive prices for honeymooners. While Miami has some of the best beach in the world, Daytona and Cape Kennedy is perfect for the wife committed the action and attractions of the city provide insight into the history and culture of the country.

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